After the delicious but shameful breakfast this morning, I am proud to say that we’ve had a brilliant dinner. A ridiculously easy to make, sort-of Sunday roast. Yumm.

For anyone living in England, a Sunday roast is a Thing You Do. OK, not everyone eats this every Sunday, but many people do. Nearly every restaurant has a Sunday roast on the menu special to Sundays. Traditionally it is served with a roast meat of some sort, carrots, peas, mashed potatoes and roast potatoes, brussel sprouts sometimes, gravy and – of course – a Yorkshire pudding.

My version is lacking the Yorkshire pudding, clearly. And I only made one kind of potato today. The addition of asparagus and mushrooms I’m chalking up to complete disregard for tradition. And the pie? Well, there are three reasons:

1. they are super good value for money;
2. they are really easy to prepare;
3. they are delicious.

Oh, and yes – they are animal free as well – but most of the time we even forget that part.

For the animal free gravy, I clean and chop a bunch of mushrooms and dice about half an onion – throw them in an pan for a bit on low heat, stirring often. I have a great pan so I don’t need to use any oil, but you could throw in some olive oil if you like. As they are cooking, I mix a few spoons of Bisto granules with boiled water from the kettle in a mug and pour this over the mushrooms and onions once they are nice and tender and juicey. (Bisto original is completely animal free – brilliant.) Sometimes I throw in a bit of white wine to thin it out; sometimes I add a bit of unsweetened soya milk to make a milkier gravy when I’m in the mood for that. None of this is measured. I usually just eyeball it all and taste along the way. It’s all very easy and pretty difficult to mess up. Not gormet, but easy and really pretty tastey.

As for the AF country pies – you can make your own really easily. I will confess however that I have been really busy today and took the easy route of store bought pies. These pies in the picture happen to be Linda McCartney Country Pies, but there are other versions out there. Just brush some soya milk on the top, wing them in the oven for half an hour while you make everything else and that’s it. Happy faces round the table.

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