I’m not proud, but it is true. I had cookies for breakfast. Animal free, vegan-friendly cookies. But cookies all the same. For breakfast.

In my search for easy animal-free products, I’ve decided to try out some box mixes. Due to the fact that it was the first one I found, I tried Cherrybrook Kitchen’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. This mix requires margarine, water and mixing. This mix is easy to make. And this mix makes some great cookies.

Now, I live in the UK. In England. Not in London. For this reason, finding anything animal free is not the easiest thing in the world. Some free-from aisles have a few items. (I can find one brand of egg-free mayo there, for instance.) But I am a person who used to live three blocks from Whole Foods on South Street in Philadelphia. I used to have animal-free cheesesteaks delivered to my door by Gianna’s Grill(Freebird!), and AF Chinese food from New Harmony delivered straight to my door whenever I wanted.

Here in small post-mining town East Midlands England? My options are very limited. So, I’ve gone on-line and that’s where I’ve found my ingredients to cook with. And while looking for some animal free whipping cream on veganstore.co.uk, I came across Cherrybrook Kitchen’s mix and decided to give it a try. At £5.39 it wasn’t cheap and I don’t know if I’d do this all the time (especially since they are so easy to make from scratch), but I will say that these turned into delicious cookies with fantastic flavour.

The taste was nearly perfect, and these had that just so slightly puffy, cakey texture that many people love in a cookie (this is what often makes a cookie different from a biscuit, I’ve learned). But a personal quirk of mine is that I’m not crazy about this slight puffiness in a cookie. So after the first batch I put the rest of the batter into a small loaf, doubled the baking time, and cut it this into blondie-style slices. I love blondies (as we know) and these made me happy. They were not overly sweet, and they had a perfect soft vanilla flavour and a perfect blondie texture. I’m not sure what more to say, except that they were just lovely.

For the margarine, I used some of the animal free butter I made myself. Now, I would say that this made the cookies taste even better – but to be fair I have not tried them with store bought margarine so I can’t say for sure.

The other thing is that I mixed the batter by hand. Not by choice, but because my hand mixer has broken. (I am slightly grief-stricken over this, and not at all sure what to do. Another hand mixer, spend for a stand mixer – what to do?) It makes a very thick batter, that towards the end I was kneading like a bread dough to get all the ingredients together. But it worked.

And they were so good, both me and my husband had them for breakfast. (Now we’re off for a good run, so it’s not all terrible!)

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