Coffee accessories: getting (or giving) the right travel mug

There are many coffee accessories that you can get, that will enhance your gourmet coffee experience.

Having an insulated carafe, or special expresso cup, or a good book about coffee through the world, and travel mugs can add an extra feeling of contentment and pleasure as you pourt that cup of coffee with fresh brew.

I suggest getting started with buying a good travel mug for yourself. This is also a great gift for the coffee lover on your gift list. There are other coffee accessory items, and I’ll talk more about those elsewhere on Coffee Daydreams.

Coffee Travel Mugs

Without a doubt, the best way to enjoy coffee is at home, in a comfortable chair. If you’re fortunate enough to have a friend or family member to talk with, all the better but just the coffee itself without anyone else around can be marvelous.

But if you’re like me, you may get to enjoy a cup of coffee at home in the morning, but then you’re off for the day in your car. Or you are going to leave your office for a trip to your next appointment. Or you enjoy drinking coffee at your desk but a mug is a no-no because you have to be sure never to spill your hot beverage on your computer, and the stacks of paper on your desk.

This is where having the right travel mug really helps. A spill resistant mug lets you enjoy your coffee more when you are in your car, or office…or even if you’re carrying a cup as you walk your morning route around the block.

You can choose from many different travel mugs, with a lot of options. There are even some that keep coffee warmer by plugging into your car or your USB port on your computer. They can be fun to try but for me I prefer to drink my coffee quickly enough that an insulated mug will work just fine.

A travel mug avoids disposable waste

Besides helping you to enjoy your coffee more when you’re away from the kitchen, a travel mug also gives you the pleasure of knowing that you are reducing disposable waste.

By bringing your travel mug with you when you get coffee at a coffee house or (in a pinch) the convenience store, you avoid the need to take and then throw away a new paper or plastic cup each time. That can save a lot of trash that protect our environment.  Of course, some travel mugs are more “green” than others so if this is an important side benefit for you be sure to consider the difference between plastic, steel and glass or ceramic travel mugs.

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