You tires are the back bone of your automobile. They serve many functions such as handling the mass of the vehicle, giving good response to the steering action as well as responding to the acceleration and brake pedals. Tires must be maintained properly in order to get optimal performance out of your car.

The tires’ air pressure should be kept maintained according to the size of the tire and the instructions from the manufacturer. The inflation pressure of your tires should be checked regularly. When the air pressure is higher than normal, then there is a chance for the tire to get busted and they also don’t handle as well. If the pressure is too low, then it will become more prone to puncture and will reduce the life of the tube. The tread of the tire is also to be monitored regularly.

When the edges of your tire’s tread get damaged then it is the owner’s responsibility to check the wheel alignment. When the wheel alignment is off then even new tire s will wear out quickly. This is because the vehicle tends to drift in a particular direction that causes unnatural wear on your tires.

Tire rotation is something that should be done on a regular basis to maintain your tires. Bringing the front tire to the back and vice versa will help the tires last longer. When your tires are punctured, the punctured material should be removed from the tire to prevent further damage and increase life of the tire. When the vehicle is in idle condition, it should not be exposed to the overly hot and dry conditions. This is another cause for tires wearing out quicker than normal.

When the tire is mounted on the wheel after repairing the puncture or after tire rotation, it should also be balanced accordingly. Irregular wheel balancing will cause tire vibration and a shortened life span of the tire. Sudden braking should also be avoided as much as possible to maintain the grip and tread of the tire. Slower acceleration in rough road condition is also good for increasing the life of your tires.

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