5th June 2012, CA: There is a new wave of excellence in the development of software for accounting; a new range of small business accounting software has been launched by With various locations of our network of operations around the world there is a worldwide launch of the new software in July 2012 that will give small business owners a greater control of operational efficiency. has developed a series of accounting software for business that will enable small business ventures to carry out  number of official tasks without involving too many employees. The product ranges are affordable and thus cost-effective solution for your startup business endeavor. It helps you to get automated feeds from your bank and update information on your system. Business accounting software has all the latest and advanced features that facilitate  one man show and access of incoming and outgoing payment details even when you are on the move.

About The Company: has been continuously engaged in the development of small business accounting programs that has been launched on a worldwide basis. They have more than 22 applications that are extremely worthy of their usage in a collaborative work culture. It increases effective work habits and results in greater productivity as well. Products like CRM Mail, Project Management Invoicing and Office Suite are flexible without the hassle of outdated software and hardware components.

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