When it comes to baking your own homemade bread, a bread machine will provide several benefits versus trying to prepare the dough by hand and then baking it in the oven. If you value time, convenience, versatility and quality, then a bread maker is a must-have appliance if you plan to make your own products in the comfort of your own kitchen. If you hate baking or lack any kind of baking skills, then a bread maker will solve all your problems.

What is a bread machine?

It is basically a countertop appliance that automatically does all the steps required to make great homemade bread. You pretty much just need to add the necessary ingredients and press the start button, and the machine does the rest. It mixes the ingredients, then pre-kneads and kneads the dough twice, all while resting the dough in between. It takes care of rising the dough, knocking it down and then letting it rise again. Finally it will bake the product to perfection.

As you can see there are quite a few steps to baking bread the right way, and it is quite a process. A bread machine takes all the hassle of having to do each of these steps manually and then bake the bread in an oven. There are several advantages to owning a bread machine, so we’ll look at these in further detail.

Advantage #1 – You can produce high quality homemade products.

Let’s face it – the fresh succulent aroma of baking bread is one of the most mouth watering scents there is in the kitchen. After it is done baking, the taste of freshly baked bread certainly lives up to the lofty expectations as well. Not much beats the flavor of warm and moist bread right out of the oven. Homemade loaves from a bread machine are much tastier than loaves bought at the grocery store. Like everyone else who uses bread machines to bake their own stuff, you will become addicted to your homemade products and will never want to buy bread from the store again.

Advantage #2 – Using a bread machine is an absolute cinch.

The best thing about this machine is that it is easy to make moist tasty treats in a flash. This is probably the biggest advantage of all – a bread maker makes the whole process easy for you. All you need is a recipe and the ingredients – you don’t even need an oven or special bakeware. If you try to make your own bread manually and bake it in an oven without the help of a bread maker, there are several steps where you can mess it up.

If done manually, there are a few complicated steps you must do correctly to produce bread in the optimal way. With your own machine, you need no special skills whatsoever. All you need is just ten or fifteen minutes to feed the ingredients into the machine and you’re good to go. Even a baking dunce like me has no problems using bread makers.

Advantage #3 – Baking is more convenient and less messy with the help of a bread maker.

Bread makers make the whole bread baking process hassle free and less messy. First, you just simply add the ingredients to the machine and let it do its job. It will do all the necessary steps so there is no manual labor required on your part.
The cleanup process is a whole lot easier as well. There are no dirty bowls and utensils that have to be washed. The counter won’t have to be wiped down from flour and the spillage of various ingredients that inevitably happens from mixing and churning the dough in bowls.

When using a bread maker you can multitask in the kitchen. While the machine is doing its thing, you can be preparing other dishes or doing other chores – there is no need to babysit it. Multitasking is impossible to do when making your own bread manually, plus your hands will be too messy to be touching a bunch of other stuff anyway.

Advantage #4 – You can make all different kinds of flavorful dough-based products with your own machine.

With a bread maker, you aren’t limited to just making white or whole wheat loaves. You can add different grains, nuts and seeds to produce your own customized flavor or recipe that would be tough to find at the store. Furthermore, a bread machine isn’t just limited to loaves or even bread products for that matter, as there are additional cool things you can bake such as:

• Pizza dough
• Baked desserts
• Bagels
• Croissants
• Pretzels
• Pasta
• Meatloaf
• Butter

So a bread maker gives you the diversity to produce a multitude of dough-based products as well as several other tasty meals and treats.

Advantage #5 – You can make healthier products!

With your own bread machine, you can not only make a whole plethora of bread-based delights that taste a lot better, they can be much healthier as well. You can use the finest whole grains and other healthy additives like nuts, seeds and dried fruits. If you buy bread at the store, then chances are it will contain several additives and preservatives that serve no nutritional value. Needless to say, you can keep these and other potentially harmful ingredients out of your recipes

Advantage #6 – Save money making your own bread instead of purchasing it!

On average you can save money making your own bread over the long haul versus having to buy it from the store. It can be tough to compare because as you start to get more creative, you’ll be making products that you can’t always find in the store anyway, so we’ll try to do an apples to apples comparison with 100% whole wheat bread.

Using the basic ingredients like oil, water, salt, milk, flour and yeast, along with optional flavorings and dough conditioners like honey, a little brown sugar, ginger and wheat gluten, our final cost to produce a 12 oz. loaf was around $1.50. At the store you may be able to find a loaf of cheap white bread at this price, and the cheapest generic 100% whole wheat loaf will probably cost over $2. To purchase a gourmet loaf somewhere of similar quality will run you around $3 to $5.

Advantage #7 – You can impress others with your bread-making abilities.

With your own bread machine, you can show off and share your bread making abilities with others. You can volunteer to bring loaves to dinners and parties and receive plenty of accolades once people get to sample your delights. The only problem is that you’ll then be asked to bring bread to every social function you are invited to, but then again that is no problem since making the product with a bread machine is easy enough.

These are the seven main advantages a bread machine gives you. Getting one is a no-brainer because of the quality, convenience and cost benefits it gives you. So don’t delay, get your bread maker today and you can begin producing a vast array of delicious bread products as well as many other types of delectable treats.

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