This one is simple, and has no photographs. None. But the good news? It’s a fantastic recipe source for nearly anything you could want to bake without animal ingredients. There is my favourite part in the beginning where the basics of AF baking are explained: use of different non-dairy milks, various types of sugar, differences between leavening agents and so forth. I love these sections mostly because I am very challenged when it comes to following a recipe – I have no attention span and even less focus. This means I like to play with my recipes, and it’s knowing the information in these sections that allows me to do this and have some idea about what I’m doing.

If you are interested in just following recipes, then this book is amazing. Again, there isn’t much fluff here, but that’s what I like about it. Tiny snippets introduce each recipe and then it’s straight to business, and the outcome is delicious. These are basic recipes go-to recipes that you can play with, or compare other recipes against to see what they are up to with their additions and extras. The section on frostings I use quite a bit, since these are really good basic places to start when working out what frosting would be perfect on the cake I happen to be baking.

On the downside, it can be tough to find what you’re looking for until you’ve spotted it and marked the page. The best cheesecake recipe in the world is listed under pies – Strawberry Lemonade Cheesepie, to be exact. It’s fantastic (and listed as a pie to be technically correct, which Kris does poke fun at) – but it’s one way that things can be tough to find here. And the lack of photos does seem odd, but I think that’s only because we’re so overwhelmed with so many gorgeous food pics from nearly every direction. Once you get past the fact that they’re not there, it’s actually quite nice to just jump in and see what turns out. That’s what I love about baking anyway, so for me this is a real resource.

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