If you like the idea of fresh coffee, made easily and quickly on demand, you need to enter the new world of K-Cup Coffee, Pod Coffee and Disc Coffee.

These are different versions of “one-cup” coffee makers and they all use slightly different coffee containers to brew the coffee. So, you have to buy the containers of ground coffee that fit your particular brand of single-serve coffee maker. If you buy a machine designed for use with K Cups, you can’t use Pods, and vice versa.

We like the single cup coffee brewer. Advantages include that you get a fresh cup of coffee, brewed one at a time, and it is consistently good. There is no mess, no coffee grounds to spill…no bother.

There are a few disadvantages. You can only brew ground coffee that comes in the pre-sealed containers (“pods”). You don’t get to buy your favorite coffees from the store to try a new new blend of beans. So, when looking at the machines also look at the machine manufacturer’s available coffees. Their selection is what you get. You can also look around for some new products available to grind your own coffee and place into compatible containers that will work with the coffee makers.

A very popular combination seems to be using K-Cups with Keurig brewers  The machines and the ground coffees are available at Green Mountain Coffee.

You should consider carefully before you buy a particular single cup coffee brewer. To give you more information, we have written a full article talking only about single cup coffee brewers.

About the “best coffee makers”…

When everything is said, the best coffee brewer is the one that makes coffee you enjoy drinking yourself and serving to your family and friends. Everyone’s taste and preferences are different, so your decision should be based on what you like, not what the experts say.

Keurig B30 K-Cup Brewer

This mini brewer from Keurig is the ultimate in no mess, no fuss, single serve gourmet coffee makers. It is the least expensive K-Cup brewer, that you can plug in anywhere to brew a full cup of great coffee. Small enough for your home office, RV, boat, vacation home, or dorm room, this brewer is a great gift idea or treat for yourself.

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