Up until a week ago I had happily rolled away with it and it did its job, but not exceptionally well. The handles were my main issue with it. They constantly got in the way and, as I discovered, were the cause for my uneven dough thickness and failure to create a classic round circle of dough.

Understanding the importance in owning the right rolling pin has been a revelation. When it comes to pastry baking the light-weight, wooden and handle-less rolling pin turns out to be best. It doesn’t allow you to place pressure on the dough the way handles do keeping your pastry even and perfectly round.

My intentions this time were still to purchase a simple wooden rolling pin, one that is lightweight, slim and crucially, handle-less. I wasn’t able to find exactly that but did happen to find this clever adjustable rolling pin by Joseph Joseph. The idea being that you no longer have to guess if you’re rolling out your dough to the correct thickness. The addition of three removable discs enable you to roll your dough to the common thickness of either 2mm, 6mm or 10mm. If neither of these measurements are what you’re after then the option is open for you to attach no disk to the rolling pin. As well as this genius help you also have measurements on the rolling pin itself (making it look like a ruler has metamorphosed into a rolling pin). And the cherry on top? This rolling pin has no handles.

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