Flavored coffee is made two ways.

First, you can buy flavored whole coffee beans.  With the flavor actually infused into the beans, you just pick the flavored beans, grind and brew as normal.

Flavored beans are available nearly everywhere, in nearly every flavor imaginable. There are the traditional flavored beans like hazelnut, vanilla, cinnamon and almond…plus the more exotic apple, banana, rasberry, chocolate cherry, and much more. If flavored beans are your thing, you have a lot of choices and you will only know if you like a particular flavor if you try it.

For organic coffee that is naturally flavored without petroleum based chemicals, try Flavorbean Coffee

Another site with an excellent selection of flavored coffee, you can try Green Mountain Coffee [link].

Another option: flavored syrups

Your other option for drinking flavored coffee is to add flavored syrup to your brewed coffee. That way you don’t have to worry about storing several types of flavored coffee beans or getting tired of trying to finish up a particular flavor so you can buy something else. Your can store several types of syrups and use them ocassionally. By comparison, it takes a lot of storage to keep on hand a large inventory of a variety of flavored beans..

With syrups, you can use your regular coffee beans, and then you can add from a choice of the flavors you have on hand…or not even flavor the coffee at all.

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