When purchasing a kitchen knife block set, it is very important to many people that the blocks themselves are not only functional, but look good and match the decor of the kitchen as well. There are several types of kitchen knife blocks.

1) Sanitizing blocks : These blocks will actually kill bacteria and other germs when knives are placed in them. They come mostly in stand up block styles and use UV-C light to kill the germs.

2) Stand up blocks : They come in all different types of materials. Stainless steel, plastic, wood, and even plexiglass to name some. They come in many different styles and colors.

3) Lay down blocks : The best japanese knife fit into layered slots and actually sit upright in the block. They take up more space than stand ups and work perfectly in drawers. They come in many styles and colors as well.

4) Countertop blocks : These can actually be installed into the counter itself so that only the handles of the knives are exposed.

5) Cutting board blocks : These are multi-functional. The cutting board itself acts as a knife holder. Generally, the knives are inserted at the head of the cutting board which is curved upward to make accessing the handmade bushcraft knife easier.

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