Can you think back to the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had? Actually, most people have several favorite coffees. That’s because the coffee you drink is the end result of many factors. You can make a special cup of coffee every time, and it is really pretty simple.

Keurig B30 K-Cup Brewer

This mini brewer from Keurig is the ultimate in no mess, no fuss, single serve gourmet coffee makers. It is the least expensive K-Cup brewer, that you can plug in anywhere to brew a full cup of great coffee. Small enough for your home office, RV, boat, vacation home, or dorm room, this brewer is a great gift idea or treat for yourself.

It all starts with the coffee beans, which are grown in dozens of areas around the world. Each of these coffees has unique aroma, taste and characters. You could try them all…but most people find coffees they like and then experiment occasionally for variety.

When you start from scratch you actually get to handle the beans that were picked from far away places. You get to start from scratch and are in control. This isn’t a processed beverage. In fact, you can even buy green beans and roast them yourself.

Next you grind the roasted beans. With many types of grinders to choose from, this is an important part of the process. You will find the ground texture you like best. A hand mill lets you actually feel the beans being ground as you turn the handle, giving you the most control.

Then you use the ground coffee to brew your own, fresh cup of coffee. Here there are a myriad of techniques and coffee makers. You can pour hot water through a five-dollar filter cone placed over your cup, or you can buy a high tech coffee maker for hundreds of dollars. It’s your choice. Your coffee can taste just as good with the five-dollar cone. So if you can’t afford the expensive coffee maker, that’s okay. The extra investment is to buy more convenience, not a better cup of coffee. For many people starting with a coffee maker under $100 is a good investment.

So satisfy your coffee daydreams by exploring this site to discover what you need to know about the simple pleasures of making and enjoying gourmet coffee. It’s important to know that you can start with the basics and get a great cup of coffee…and you can spend a lifetime of learning about coffee and its nearly infinite variations.

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