Wondering what to give the coffee lover on your gift list.? Or maybe you need to give a business gift to a collegue.

For coffee gifts, we have some great ideas that any coffee lover would enjoy, at a price you will like, too.

Coffee is a practical gift for close family and friends, as well as for casual acquaintances. Nearly everyone drinks coffee, yet we all appreciate the opporutnity to enjoy an ocassional extravagence that we wouldn’t buy for ourself. Any coffee lover will immediately appreciate a bag of fine estate coffee from Kenya or Sumatra, or a sampler (or more) of the prized Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

Gift Baskets

The simplest way to to assemble a gift is to decide how much you want to spend, and then buy a variety of different coffees for a gift basket. Everyone loves to discover new coffee flavors, and to try coffee grown in an exotic tropical location.

Perhaps a variety of coffees, from Columbia, Kenya, Sumatra and Costa Rica would be welcomed. With numerous online coffee merchants, finding that special new coffee is easier than ever. I suggest looking at BocaJava and CoffeeforLess. There is also the unique taste of Louisana’s Community Coffee for a taste of the south.

Do this and you will make someone very happy when they receive this treat. They will love to try out and discover the new flavors of coffees.

Like a florist, some gourmet coffee shops will create coffee gift baskets for you, and arrange for shipping if needed. Again, just tell them your budget, ask for a few ideas, and they will handle it from there.

Gifing a Coffee Club as a Gift

Another great idea for a coffee gift is a “the coffee of the month club.” Coffee clubs will send your special person a new coffee flavor to try out every month rather than all at once. That way, they remember you every time the coffee arrives at their front door. It also allows them to vary the selection, and get the exact coffees they always wanted to taste.

You can learn more about coffee clubs and how to choose the Coffee Club that is right for you.

Travel Mugs

Any coffee drinker enjoys a good travel mug, and they are available to fit all budgets. Travel mugs come in all styles, colors, sizes and materials. You can choose an attractive fashion, or one that has a clever saying. I usually prefer travel mugs with stainless steel interiors because the plastic ones can start to have a funny taste.

Here is our Travel Mug Store, where you can browse a large a variety of travel coffee mugs and purchase one that you like.

Coffee Gift Certificate

The simplest gift is the ever present gift certificate. You can purchase these at your local coffee shop, or online. Since there are so many Starbucks, that’s a safe gift that someone can use where ever they live. But I would suggest a gift certificate from one of the online coffee merchants, which could lead to exploring a new and interesting web site with plenty of enticing coffees and accessories. I suggest Coffee for Less as a good place to start, or you can go to the Green Mountain Coffee site for plenty of Keurig coffee makers, and gourmet specialty coffees.

Coffee Accessories

For a more lasting gift, consider giving a coffee maker or coffee accessories? The Aeropress is available for less than $30 online, and it makes a great cup of coffee. Any coffee lover would be glad to have this press to enjoy a cup or two of gourmet specialty coffee.

For a more expensive gift, I suggest that you consider a Tassimo Coffee Maker or the Keurig Coffee maker.

A coffee grinder or roaster would also be appreciated. For a more unique gift, you can create a personalized coffee mug. I know someone who got a coffee mug with all of the names of her grandchildren…she gets to use it every day and loves it!

You can find out more about coffee grinders and single cup coffee machines at our online stores to browse for that perfect gift.

A coffee lover’s gift can be as simple or unique as your budget or imagination allows. While you’re browsing, I bet you’ll see a few things you want for yourself, too!

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