Something we have to have, yet we all make astonishing choices in the way we select the food to which our bodies are to be subjected. There is nothing like the satisfaction that is felt after a good meal. It may be impolitic to explain what health conscious people feel when they see what others may eat. They may cringe with disbelief, yet different people eat different foods and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.

The more healthy of us will be content with reading literature that will tell us exactly how many calories we should be taking on board each day, as well the amount of fat that is in every product we purchase. We have to also be careful of sugar content, sodium content, every sort of content. The outcome, of course, is that the more aware people are, and the more diligent they are, the better they eat and the fitter they become. Some of the members of our society are forced into eating certain types of foods.

One group are diabetics. They are governed by quite strict dietary controls in their food intake, yet they still manage to each very nourishing and also very tasty food without inducing any unpleasant side effect that is associated with that condition.

We then may look at the other end of the scale. The “fried food brigade”. Lots and lots of fish, chips, eggs, bacon, fried bread and other types of greasy comestibles that fill the frame, yet destroy its insides. Hearts, livers, kidneys – everything suffers, panting with disbelief at the amount of rubbish being fed into the system. The heart is probably most at risk with this type of fare. Arteries harden, therefore causing anything from high blood pressure to a stroke. The worst scenario besides the “final action” would be perhaps a heart seizure maybe leading to some form of serious surgery. Perhaps this is the final warning before the final action.

The amazing thing is that we have more education nowadays about what we should eat and how much we should eat. We are also told that apart from a correct diet it is necessary for us to do some sort of regular exercise to complete our regime for a healthy life. It is quite amazing really that folk who were in their prime say in the 1930s, probably lived healthier lives than we do now.

The reason is probably because the type of food that was eaten then was very basic but very nutritious. Potatoes and vegetables were in abundance then, but not only that, there were not the preservatives added to food that appears to be the norm nowadays. We hear of organic farming and the benefits of home grown produce. There has to be some doubt, however, whether the amount of food produced from the land follows this principle, or does it in fact contain all the preservatives that we are told are not acceptable for a healthy lifestyle. It is to be hoped that when we select our food, we all become aware of what is good for us and what is not.

If we educate ourselves in that way, then surely our lives will be extended by choosing the correct diet rather than be shortened by grease, fat and other high cholesterol products.

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