Are you someone who enjoys eating lobster, but don’t like to pay the high prices to eat it at a restaurant? Then cook one at home. Finding a good live lobster at any fine food store is easy to do. And cooking them at home is not difficult to at all. Here are some good tips to help you with your next lobster dinner.

Something to keep in mind when buying a lobster is that you must cook it on the same day you buy it. A lobster will decay very quickly after dying, and this can make for some health risks if not eaten right away. You should always be sure your lobster is alive before purchasing it at the store. Also be sure the claws are tied securely. You don’t want to get pinched by your lobster!

How do you kill a lobster? There are two schools of thought on this. One is stabbing it in the back of the head to kill it, but not everyone is going to feel up to that. The other more common method is to put the lobster head first into a pot of boiling water. You want it to go in headfirst so that it will die immediately.

Cooking A Lobster

The most common way to cook a lobster is by boiling it in a large pot. Fill the pot up to ¾ full of with salted water. 3-4 tablespoons should be enough. Bring the pot of water to a full boil before placing the lobster into the pot. Be sure the lobster is completely submerged. Generally, it will take 20 minutes to cook a lobster under 2 pounds. If your lobster is over 2 pounds, increase the cooking time to 25 minutes.

Eating A Lobster

Before attempting to eat your lobster it must cool off first. If you have a lobster cracker you can use it, but if not you can use a nutcracker, or even a small hammer. Twist the large claws off at the joints and then crack them open. You can then bend back the body so the tail snaps off. The lobster meat can then be easily pulled out. There is also meat around the area where the legs join the body.

Many people love eating their lobster with melted butter, or lemon. It’s really a personal preference, but either way, lobster is a very nice tasting meal.

Types Of Lobsters

In the United States there are two different types of lobsters. One is off the Northeast coast of the U.S. and is commonly known as the “American “ or “Maine lobster”. The other type of lobster is found off the coast of Florida. It is known as the spiny lobster. It is known for its not having any claws.

In other areas of the world you will find freshwater lobsters, and even a shovel nosed lobster. In all there are more than 30 different kinds of lobsters throughout the world. With there delicious taste, it’s little wonder why lobsters are one of everybody’s favorite seafood dishes.

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