Of all the cooking oils available in the grocery store only one is a good healthy choice. Olive oil has been proven to be the healthy choice for use in all types of foods. Whether you use it as cooking oil, or use it in a variety of meals and dressings, olive oil has been shown to be a smart choice. Here are some facts about this healthy oil.

Olive Oil Reduces Cholesterol

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition has recently published its findings that say olive oil reduces your level of LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol). This is very big news because when LDL accumulates in your arteries it becomes oxidized accompanies the onset of heart disease. The Mediterranean Diet urges its users to add olive oil into the foods in their diet.

Olive Oil And Cancer

In another study done at University Hospital Germans Trias Pujol in Barcelona there is evidence that olive oil has slowed, and even prevented, the growth of cancer cells. Lab rats were given a carcinogen that produces cancerous tumors. After that, the rats were given a diet rich in olive oil. The olive oil was shown to produce fewer cancerous tumors than the rats that were given other types of cooking oil.

A study done by Oxford University in England has also shown that olive oil is good for our digestive system and helps prevent colon cancer. It seems to be as good as eating fresh fruit and vegetables. Fish, as well as olive oil, have been shown to reduce the formation of colon cancer. The reasons for this are still not yet known, but the research tends to show a reduction of bile acid in the stomach.

Olive Oil And Your Heart

According to the American Heart Association, olive oil has been shown to have clear heart health benefits.

Olive Oil And Blood Pressure

Olive oil is a huge benefit to your blood pressure. By using virgin olive oil in your foods, the Archives of Internal Medicine have said that there can be a reduction in the dosage o blood pressure medications of up to 50%. This is a huge benefit by simply using olive oil in your foods.

Other Benefits

While olive oil has been shown to reduce the level of LDL cholesterol, it will also increase your level of HDL (the good cholesterol). Your body will also benefit from the antioxidant effects of using olive oil in your diet. It helps reduce free radicals in your body, which can be a factor in causing cancer.

The use of olive oil in the Mediterranean Diet, along with other healthy foods, has shown the health of these people to be greatly enhanced. The Mediterranean Diet encourages the use of olive oil in all of its recipes using any oils.

Although many studies are continuing, the signs are very positive in regards to the use of olive oil in your diet and your various foods. The improvement in your overall health is very encouraging. Finally, some good news in the world of food and cooking news!

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