It was SO much easier than I thought. This recipe would have easily rolled out and made fantastic decorative cover for a cake or cupcakes. I added a bit of trag gum and pressed out some little flowers. You can see the surface isn’t entirely smooth, and I think next time I might try this with my food processor. For this attempt, I just worked it through for a while by kneading it between my hands. Other than the little imperfections in the surface, it worked very well and I can’t wait to decorate something with these. As ridiculous as it sounds, I only made flowers this time but nothing to put them on. I’m not always sensible, clearly.

Here is the basic recipe I used:

1 cup icing sugar/confectioners sugar
1 tsp water
Mix these two ingredients together as best you can with a fork and then add:
2 tsp golden syrup (you can use Caro syrup in the states)

And that’s that, folks. You have to work it into a thick blob with a fork and then knead it with your hands for a while until it’s smooth and rollable. If it doesn’t pull together, literally sprinkle a few drops of water in at a time – but be very careful with this. Just a smidge too much and this will turn into royal frosting very quickly. I put a bit of pink colour in (as you can plainly see) just at the blob stage and worked it in as I was kneading it to a smooth blob. You can also add a bit of almond extract if you’d like, but you don’t need to.

Because I wanted to make flowers (rather than roll out to cover a cake), I added about an eighth a teaspoon of trag gum – rolled it out and cut the flowers. They taste great and hold together well after being refrigerated. Now to make something to decorate them with!

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