This morning I went into a mad scientist mood. Armed with every AF quiche recipe I could find (5), I decided to try and mix them all together into my own quiche. In the past I’ve done this with egg and dairy quiche, and had great results; there are general ratios to follow, and then there’s room to play. I figured it couldn’t be that different here. In general I was right, but not entirely. How did it go?

The good news: the result was in all respects a perfectly passable AF quiche. It had nearly the right texture (around the edges, particularly), and the flavour was fantastic. But it was clearly not the best quiche it could be. B- at best.

Now, I might be grading myself a bit harshly. It was spongey and had great eggy texture around the edges, but then it went all wrong and was far too squishy in the middle. I don’t think it was undercooked as much as it probably wasn’t a good idea for me to add nearly 1 tablespoon of tahini when I had only planned to put in 1 teaspoon. (I’ll admit this was a lapse in attention rather than an intentional experiment. I’ve said I’m terrible at paying attention: let this be Example A.)

However, there were many things I liked about this recipe. The flavour was wonderful, and I liked the combination of spinach and red and yellow peppers very much. And because the tahini is the only ‘fat’ ingredient here, the calorie and fat content of the quiche part is well below that of any version involving real eggs and cheese. It’s lower in fat than many other eggless recipes that call for processed vegan cheese products as well. The quiche itself gets a check for health.

Now, the crust is not low fat or low calorie – let’s keep that in mind. This was a store bought ready-to-roll shortcrust, after all. But if you’re looking for quick and tasty, it’s hard to beat.
So then, to summarize:

Good points: I figured out it’s not too hard to make a quiche completely free of eggs and dairy. Throw the generally right ingredients in and something very nearly quiche-like comes out the other side.

Bad points: Too much tahini makes for a sad, droopy quiche. (At least I think that’s what it was. I’ll let you know more when I try again tomorrow.)

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