Yes, milk is on the list of stuff that comes from animals. It is, therefore, Animal Stuff. (Don’t blame me. I didn’t design the system.)

Why would you want animal stuff in your food is the question I ask here at A.F. Grub. BUT… you could easily turn that question around and ask, “Why do I care whether or not it’s in my brownie?” And that is in fact a perfectly legitimate question to ask. Why do you care? Do you want it in there? Do you not want it in there? Have you ever thought about it?

I am not the person and this is not the website to show you graphic images of how cows live in an industrial milk-production facility. And I’m not going to tell you or anyone what to think. There are plenty of sites, movies and books where you can get more information.

I know for me, what I have learned about the dairy industry has made me want to avoid dairy milk. It’s that simple. The first weird thing is that cows have to be pregnant all the time to give milk, which means they are constantly pregnant. We don’t like it when puppy farms do that to dogs, so I’m not sure how it’s different with cows – just a personal confusion.

There is the reality of constant milking and what that does to a cow’s udders. And if you’re so inclined – there’s the sad footage of watching a mother cow crying out when her calf is taken from her only a few days after birth. (Not because anyone’s being mean. It’s just that practically speaking, if the baby cow drinks the milk, it can’t go into the carton.)

And then there’s the fact that from time to time, of course, a pregnant dairy cow will have a boy baby cow who can’t be raised to join the milk-making. As we all know, boy cows don’t give milk, and they aren’t genetically bred to grow ‘fast enough’ to be raised as regular beef. So – even on organic farms (there’s really no economic way around this for the dairy famers) – baby boy cows are sold to veal farms. And there, that’s it – I’m done. That’s enough for me.

If dairy milk is not for you and you are curious, please do some research and look into this for yourself. There are plenty of plant milks for you to try and see if they might be something to try some of the time or more. Wait, only two more points, and then I’m done I promise.

1. Please don’t assume the common knowledge that milk prevents osteoporosis or is good for your bones. If it were, then this claim would be on the label. It’s not, and it’s not.
2. Milk is animal stuff, and foods that are free from animal stuff are free from cholesterol and with few exceptions very low in saturated fat. Diets low in both are generally considered healthier than those that aren’t.
3. And if you wouldn’t miss it in your food, do you need to put it in there?
OK, so it was three more points. Now I’m done about milk. The rest is up to you.

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