Maybe your parents or grandparents made coffee with a percolator but you shouldn’t. Percolators heat coffee to boiling and keep it there, running through the beans. The best coffee is made when the water temperature is just below boiling. The percolator will boil the flavor out of your thoughtfully selected and  carefully stored.

On the other hand, if a percolator fits your lifestyle, and you are buying off the shelf ground coffee that tastes just fine you to, go ahead and continue using your tried and tested percolator. Just don’t waste your money using it with your expensive coffee beans. There is actually something to be said about seeing the coffee “percolate” up into the top while you are having a conversation with your friend. But usually, use a different kind of coffee maker if you want better coffee taste.

Coffee Drip Brewers

Drip coffee makers can be very good. They are the most common and best coffee makers. There is probably one at work, and maybe at your house, too.They are simple to use, and can make a consistently good cup of coffee based on your own preference. To use a coffee drip brewer, you put ground coffee in the paper filter, pour in water, turn the coffee maker on and almost immediately you will see the coffee fill with the carafe.

Not all drip brewers are equal. You need to have a good model that heats the water to the right temperature, and at the right flow, so that the water hits the grounds at the right temperature and then brews for the right period of time before it filters through to the carafe.

One disadvantage to most drip brewers is that the coffee stays in a carafe that is continuously heated. If you have ever poured a cup of coffee for yourself even thirty minutes or an hour after it was made, it will taste old. That’s because leaving the glass carafe on the hotplate keeps the coffee hot, which you like, but it starts to “cook” the coffee, which you won’t like.

Coffee Daydreams Tip: If you are going to use a Drip Brewer, make just enough coffee for the amount you want to drink over the next thirty minutes or so. If you want more coffee an hour or two later, brew a fresh pot.

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