If you are shopping for your very first coffee maker or even if you are just tired of the old one and need something new, do your homework before heading to the department store. With all of the different brand name makers on the market there are tough decisions that need to be made before even steeping foot out the door.

Looking at your kitchen, where is your coffee maker going to sit? Do you have a small space on your countertop or do you have a much larger spot in mind? The answers to these questions can make or break a decision on the perfect coffee maker for your home.

The price range can go from a small amount of $20 and ranges up into the thousands, depending on what your needs are. Maybe you just need something simple to have the once in awhile cup of coffee. Maybe you need one that is a little bigger in case you have dinner parties or just a lot of coffee drinkers in your home. The average appliance usually makes around 10 to 14 cups but you can purchase one that will make one cup at a time.

You may also want to look for a maker that has a built in timer. These are great so that when you get up in the morning and you are rushing around to go to work, your coffee will already be brewed for you. It is just a simple step of measuring out the coffee and placing it in the filter, filling up the water chamber, setting the timer and forget about it.

Depending on the features that you want your coffee maker to have can also affect the price. Ones with the automatic timer or a permanent basket may cost a little more than just an average one that you have to turn on and off every time you make a pot of coffee.

The style also plays a role in this. If you want a stainless steel maker than you could be paying a pretty penny but if you want just a plain old every day maker than the cost could be a lot less. You also have to take into consideration the fact that some coffee makers come with an espresso machine built in or even a cappuccino maker. This adds some diversity to your coffee making abilities.

You just have to remember that when shopping for a coffee maker it is almost like buying a car. You want something that is going to look nice, feel right and take you for a good ride. Getting up in the morning and being able to drink a great tasting cup of coffee can make your day take off to a great start. If you end up drinking something that tastes like mud than your day could just putter along at a crawl and seem like you are stuck in rush hour traffic. Be a little picky and be a little choosey.

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