Choosing the right style of coffee maker for yourself or your place of business can sometimes be a little tricky. You have to decide if you are a cup a day person, espresso, cappuccino or you may like to throw dinner parties and need something that is a little bigger.

When purchasing an automatic drip coffee maker, you are given a variety of choices such as color, size and believe it not, even shape. You can get one that has a paper filter that needs to be replaced every time you make a pot of coffee or you can choose one that has a permanent filter that just needs to be cleaned after each use and only replace every few months.

The automatic coffee drip maker is the most popular coffee maker in today’s household. They are generally small and cost effective. There are several different models of this type to choose from such and fully automatic and semi-automatic. It’s almost like going out and purchasing your new ride. Some of them have built in coffee grinders and some don’t.

You can even purchase one of these models that have a timer so that you can set it and forget at night and wake up to the wonderful smell of fresh brewed coffee. That’s a way to get your morning started.

There is also the percolator style that is generally used on the stove. Some people feel that a good cup of coffee only comes from being cooked so to speak. You can get this style in an electric maker but, the general vote seems to be on the stove. Since this type of maker does not have a warming plate to rest upon as the automatic coffee maker does, you will need to pour the coffee into some type of carafe that is made to keep liquids hot.

With the percolator coffee maker, the water is actually boiled to cook the coffee. This can weaken the coffee and give it a burnt taste. When using something a little more modern such as the automatic coffee drip maker, it heats the water slowly as it brews the coffee so that you get a more even taste without the bitterness.

There are other types of coffee makers that you can choose from such as a vacuum coffee maker and it is rather large. You may feel that you are at a science lab creating something magical with your coffee using this type of equipment.

No matter what your choice of coffee maker may be, it has to fit right in your lifestyle and not be complicated. Nowadays we are looking for quick, convenient and universal. We want a product that is going to give us the most bang for our buck so to speak.

Make sure that you do your research before jumping in the car and running to your favorite department store. Instead, jump on the computer first or look through some magazines to see what your options are.

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