If you plant the food you are eating, you are sure of what you are eating. If you eat the food grow n by someone else, you now rely to authorities in telling what you are eating. Organic food can be self-certified by planting it yourself. What you plant, you eat; what you sow, you reap.

It reminds me of the vegetable farmers I visited once. They knew of the health risks of pesticides, yet they continued to spray and use different kinds of these in their crops. When I noticed that they were also eating their produce, I told them they were also eating the harmful chemicals they were applying to their crops. Surprisingly, they just laughed. When they sensed I had no interest in eating with them, they said they spared a portion of the farm for their own consumption. This area was not subject to harmful pesticides and the produce were safe for the entire family.

Produce what is good for your family; better still, produce what is also good for others. In developing your own organic garden, you reap more good things if you also share your harvest to your neighbors. Share the good harvest and recycle the bad ones. In recycling, the plant reunites with the soil and provides the nutrients for the next crops to grow.

Because you know you used everything according to the nature’s way Рyou planted seeds that are not modified, you used compost to fertilize the soil, you watered the plants with care and happiness Рyou know that you produced something that nature will give you back.

You have not harmed the environment, therefore you have shown great concern for mother nature. You are totally eliminating harmful chemicals from your system, therefore you are not giving back harmful chemicals to mother nature. Mother nature has no other choice but to provide you the best creation it can do. This is a product that does not need the USDA certification, yet it is the best organic food that only you and the people you have shared with can have.

Enjoy eating your food. It is the one genuinely certified organic food that gives every cell of your body a tremendous glow.

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