Vending Routes For Sale – Where To Look To Buy Vending Routes?

vendingWhen you want to buy an entire vending route to start, you have basically two options. An expensive option would be to go directly to the manufacturer of the vending machines and purchase the machines or even buy vending routes in their entirety from them. The other, less expensive option would be to buy used vending machines with the existing, established vending route, for sale on the free market. Let’s explore both options.

Buying new from the vending machine manufacturer
When you decide to buy vending machines new and shiny, a good way to do it is by buying from the manufacturer. You will definitely pay a premium over buying used. The upside, though, is that the manufacturer will normally have plenty of advice available to you as of what type vending route works best for the specific types of vending machine, and where to place the vending machines for maximum effect. They will be able to direct you to the place to buy the supplies, the local service person for regular maintenance, if needed, and such. In other words, the manufacturer of the vending machine should be able to set you up with good, solid information on how to generate profit with the machine they sell. For examples of new vending machines.

Buying in the established vending route marketplace
There are two websites that are by far the best sources to look for used vending machines Sydney and to buy a vending route. These are Craigslist and Ebay.
The advantage of Craigslist is that you will be able to locate vending routes locally with ease. Just go to your city and enter “vending” (with no quotes) into the search box and hit enter. You will find dozens to hundreds of offers for vending routes depending on what city you live in.
When you shop at Ebay, you can still take advantage of local shopping, which is especially important for larger items. Shipping of hundreds of pounds heavy vending machine can be hundreds of dollars too! So when on, type “vending” in the search box, hit the search button and see the first page of the results. Then, on the left, in the “Refine search” area, bottom, under “Location”, select “within 100 miles” (or your preference) of ZIP and type your zip code. You will see only the listings that are close to you. That way you can make special agreements with the seller for shipping of the item.

 A word of caution: Some of the buyer and seller protection features of Ebay will only apply when the official carrier is chosen for the shipping of the item, so check out buyer protection clauses with Ebay in case you decide to pick up the vending machine on your own.
Regardless of whether you are buying on Craigslist or Ebay, get in touch with the seller, and get them on the phone. Ask about the vending routes they did, and what they recommend. That way you will get some initial orientation as of what to do getting started. Make sure that you are talking about an established, profitable vending route.

Soda Vending Machines – How Many Should I Start With?

Soda vending machines require a bit more investment than gumball and candy vending machines. Soda vending machines are expensive and they are a little more difficult to place because they do require electricity in order to work. The best places for the soda machines are places where it is not easy for customers to buy a can or bottle of soda whenever they want. You will probably not make a lot of money by placing soda vending machines in shopping malls or supermarkets, but hotels are one of the best places to have them.

You can buy a soda vending machine from one of the soda vending machine suppliers and you may get lucky enough to get a really good price on a used soda vending machine. If you buy used, you do need to have it thoroughly checked out to make sure that it is working properly. Although the initial monetary investment in soda vending machines may be high, you won’t have to invest a lot of time operating your business to make money. Establish a routine for when you visit the location to take out the money and to replace the cans or bottles of soda. This could be after work or on the weekend, so you don’t have to give up your regular job to become established in the vending machine business.

But soda vending machines need transport!

You will need a truck if you want to buy a soda vending machine. You will also need to have a lift and a dolly for transporting the soda vending machines to and from the locations. However, once you place one of these Sydney vending machines in a location, you usually leave it there, unless the amount of sales doesn’t make it worth your while. This is why you do have to scout out locations to ensure that there is a lot of traffic and the people do want to buy the soda in your machine.

When you buy a soda vending machine, you can stock it with whatever soda products you wish. You are not under any obligation from the soda company to sell only their products. Unless you specifically want to sell only one or two types of soda, it is best to get soda vending machines that do not advertise a particular product. You can start off with several varieties of soda and after a while you will be able to see which ones are the best sellers, so you can change the types of sodas that you offer.

Check out the newspaper ads and the online ads for sales of soda vending machines. Buying a used soda vending machine allows you to start making profits much faster because you don’t have to spend as much money to get started. Making contacts with business people who are willing to have the soda machine in their place of business is also a very good idea. Always be on the lookout for good places for your soda vending machines and don’t be afraid to inquire about the possibilities of placing them in these locations. You’ll never know where the opportunity to make money will come from.