When most people think of raw foods they think of uncooked meat, fish and poultry. What is really meant by a raw food is fruit, vegetables and nuts. It used to be at one time that we were told eating raw meat or at least as close to raw as possible was a good thing.

With all of the research that has been done over the years, it has been found that raw meats are not as healthy for you as once thought. They can cause heart conditions, cholesterol issues and are just all around bad for your health. This is why when we talk about raw foods we are talking about food that you don’t have to cook.

Cooking your food takes all of the nutrients out of what you are eating. We are trying to eat the healthy way in today’s society. Try eating some celery, of course you want to wash it first, or how about an apple. Fruits and veggies are great when they are raw. Take broccoli and cauliflower for example. With some dip or by themselves, they make a great addition to your meal or even just as a snack during a movie.

Getting the young generation to start eating raw foods when their tastebud’s are forming is a great way to promote healthy eating habits for adulthood. We all know how hard it can be trying to change your habits. Eating habits are no different than work habits. Everything starts from when we are growing up.

It is also financially beneficial since you are not only spending less but your pocket will thank you when the gas and electric bill arrives. This means less time in the kitchen cooking and preparing food. You will be able to wash, slice and dice and in some cases, just pour out of a bag and eat. Maybe add a little dip depending if it is a fruit or veggie.

One idea is to slice an apple and add some peanut butter. Not only are you getting the nutrients that you need but the combination of the peanut butter with the apple is a great filler and wonderful for those of us that are dieting. Many people are doing what they call a raw food diet. They have no cooking and very little prep time needed in the kitchen.

Your health should be the main concern for you to consider a raw food diet. The nutritional benefits are beyond compare from the usual fare of chicken, steak and hamburger. Not to say that we don’t need healthy fat in our diet in order to have a balanced body.

You do need the correct amount of healthy fats in order to make your body work properly. There is no need to be a vegetarian, just cut back on the amount of fatty foods that you consume and make sure they are cooked properly. Remember, a happy heart is a healthy heart.

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