Today, I am probably my biggest fan due to one fact alone: I made some seriously amazing donuts this morning.

I threw away the first batch in a fit after forgetting to put in a key ingredient before kneading the dough for a full 5 minutes. After about 30 seconds of full-blown hysterics over this, I am happy to report that D. was able to calm me down and reminded me that I was new to this – suggested I try again. And I am really glad I gave these a second go. Completely worth it.

These aren’t the cakey kind of donuts (which I also love, but in a different way). These donuts are the light, airy, soft kind of donut. The kind my parents used to run out to get on a Sunday morning before we’d all pile into their king-sized bed as a family (three kids, parents, dog) to collectively read the paper, fight over the comics, the classified and the sports section, and just be be lazy together. Together as a family – with our donuts.

So yes, I’ve probably dated myself a bit now, but you probably get the point. Donuts to me are a comfort food plus. They are not healthy: not even this version. Sure, there’s no cholesterol in these and very little saturated fat – but it doesn’t take a clever person to figure out that anything you fry in oil is just simply not health food. That said, on this one I am firmly in the camp of I Don’t Care. Now that I can have my donuts with zero eggs or dairy, I am seriously happy.

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