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feature one

Warm Leek Salad

This salad is heavenly. It’s refreshingly different, particularly if you’ve also been stuck in some sort of salad rut. I can’t get enough of the perfect balance between warm vegetables and crunchy raw vegetables. It’s a match made in heaven with leeks the star of the show and I for one couldn’t ask for more.

feature two

Stuffed Artichokes

Artichokes always appear to me to resemble old medieval relics discovered by archaeologists somewhere. They almost look like vegetable versions of a knights armour, having staved off generations of war with their layered skins. So historic looking, I can imagine them sitting on a large wooden table.

feature three

Teriyaki & Orange Chicken

Which somehow brings me to Teriyaki and Orange Chicken. It’s the first thing I’ve cooked in ages and while it isn’t anything authentic and original it is something I put together on my own (I’m trying to break free from religiously following recipes), and it tastes unbelievably good.

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